Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back at it again! This time for real!

I'm sorry my sweet friends that I said I was back 6 months ago and then you all lost me again. I had just found out at that time right after I posted that last post, that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. There were a whirlwind of events that took place immediately following. Many of you who read this already know, some of you who may stop by perhaps don't.

My mom passed away a week ago Monday. Her funeral was last Saturday. I'm very sad and miss my mom more than words may describe. I will always remember her and treasure the beautiful memories shared. The funeral was beautiful and wonderful. Many dear friends and family attended. I'm at a loss of words for the moment though will return after work tonight.

Thank you for stopping by and I will do my best to keep this updated as promised earlier. So much to write about just not right now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm baaaaa'aaack!

Hey hey, it's been a good while, ummm, 6 or 7 months now, hmmm definitely time to get back into blogging.

I've updated a lot of stuff... and I will return tomorrow to enter a more informative post.

Much has happened since the last entry.

Good, bad and ugly... though making something pretty out of it all, lol. Or trying anyway lol.

I hope to see all of you again... I'm working on multiple goals and I will keep anyone who reads this updated as best I am able.

I'm working on my book, a biography since I will be using a pen name, not my own. Eleven chapters into it so far! I will return to writing activities on my writing corner blog as well, and for those of you who read this and are not familiar, the link is posted on the right column. (2nd writing corner blog as I changed the link)

It's good to be back in the blogging world again.

Hope to see you here soon ; )

Saturday, November 22, 2008

WBC scan results and on to MRI ...

Hi Y'all,

I went to the dr yesterday morning and learned that nothing showed up in the WBC scan (white blood cell). So, now the dr is ordering an MRI to see if they find anything in the bone marrow or joints, etc. Narrowed out the small and on to the big... see what's going on. So I still don't know what's wrong. I'm waiting for the call to come to schedule the MRI. Back in the waiting game again. In the meantime dr prescribed an ankle brace for me, so I picked it up yesterday after my appointment with him. Wore it to work, and it was nice to be able to put equal weight on both legs for a change.

At this point, I don't know what could be wrong. If nothing is found in the MRI, I plan to call my physician and see if I can get a referral to some specialist and see what sort of diagnosis can be made.

Tonight I plan to stay the night at my cousin Diana's and work on the fashionably classic watches with her and be able to make mine and bring home to wear...I can hardly wait. Then go to church in the morning with Diana and her family.

Otherwise, taking it easy over here.
Have a great day y'all :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Latest update

So I should know more on Fri as I have an appointment made to go see the foot doctor that morning and get my results from the scan.

Fingers crossed, that I'll know what the problem is and know how to treat it.

I want to go running so bad, it kills me.
I'm finally getting motivated again.
I have my ups and downs lately with emotions. I miss Tony. But managing fine.
Been a hermit for awhile, mostly because I'm poor. Lol.
Getting things done again and FAFSA/SAR should reach ASU within 3-5 business days as of Monday, or was it yesterday, ugh, I can't keep days straight anymore. I'll be calling them on Fri too. (Payday) So I can pay to have GED transcript sent to them that day, and pay to apply at ASU. Yep, I've been that poor. Hopefully I can get accepted and able to register for classes real soon. Keeping fingers crossed on this too.

I've been pretty down... but climbing back up.

Hope y'all are doing good :)

Quick update

Still no news yet from doctor.
Not up to writing lately.
Will update again soon.
Just keeping to myself lately.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The latest...

So Halloween has come and gone.
Thanksgiving will soon be here.
I found out last Tue (a week ago) that after meeting with a foot/ankle specialist that I do NOT have cellulitis on my foot/ankle. So today I received my call from the hospital and I've just scheduled a bone scan for next Thursday the 13th. It will be all day at the hospital if you're not familiar with bone scans, my check-in time is at 7:15am, 8am I have my blood drawn, at 12noon I will have an injection and will need the next four hours to pee it out of my system, then at 3pm is the bone scan. Whew. Sigh. I'm not sure how much longer after the bone scan I will actually get the results, but I will keep you posted as soon as I am informed. I'm a bit nervous and the foot doctor doesn't know what it is... he thinks it may be some sort of disease. Will see if the bone scan will have something light up or have any "hot spots"...
The pain has increased and has travelled through different locations. I have pain also in my shin and knee area of my right leg and also my right arm, as well as my left foot. Nothing like feeling a burning sensation and sharp pain in both feet at the same time! Ergh. I'm a bit worried, and feeling a lot like I need to get all things in order in my life right now. The pain has been a bit intense, and I really don't know what to expect at this point but hopefully find out soon. The foot dr, that my family dr has referred me to, also plans to retrieve the results from my lab/blood work that was done at my dr's office. If the info he needs is not on those results, then he will have my blood drawn at his office and send it for testing for the info/details he needs to find out.
It has been brought to my attention that should nothing come of this testing... then perhaps I should be referred to an internist for internal medicine. One thing at a time... and we'll see where this step takes me.
I went to church last Sunday with cousin Diana and her family and Uncle Gary and Aunt Carol came along too. We met up at their stake center for stake conference. It was nice.
My thoughts are pretty focused on a few things lately. I've been doing a lot of pondering too.
Funny where life takes us sometimes - eh?
Things are ok over here and I'm doing good despite the physical pain and the journey that goes with it. I manage to smile and laugh still. It's nice to want to come home and to a home that feels like home. My roommates are wonderful. I feel at peace here.
I hope any of you who read this are doing good and healthy.
My love,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Letting Go

I've been noticing lately how interesting it is and how vital it is for us to learn to "let go" of this or that in our lives. For some it is 'letting go' of a child as they grow into adult years and letting them go out into the world. For others it may be 'letting go' of a loved one as it is their time to transfer from one world into another as their life here ends. Or it may be 'letting go' of another loved one as one relationship ends to be available for another to form. There are many types of 'letting go' in our lives.

Maybe it is 'letting go' in other forms. 'Letting go' of a memory or 'letting go' of a job, etc etc. No matter the form or person we may need to 'let go' per-se of this or that... the essence of letting go is difficult and challenging if we let it.

I'm learning to 'let go' of many things lately. I've recently told my ex-beau T, that I need time away from him for at least 1-3 months so I may heal my wounds and allow myself to be open for someone new to enter my life. We were spending too much time together before I could heal and it was as if adding salt to a wound that had never healed. So as hard as it has been, it is also very soothing for me and I'm now in the 'healing' process if-you-will. (In order for our friendship to remain on healthy terms, this is so needed for me)

I'm meeting new people and starting to feel alive again, in a weird sense. Things at work are changing drastically and I'm making new friends too.

As one door closes -another opens... I'm truly seeing and experiencing this lately. Many doors are opening and it's been quite interesting. Of course, it's like that one door that we know what is behind it, is the most comforting one to choose, but I'm starting to venture out and seek what is behind the other doors for me. Life is an adventure and I'm definitely one up for journeys!

May your day be filled with fun adventures!
More to come soon :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sad sad news

My Aunt Jeanne Litke passed away this morning.

I barely received the email news about it since I just arrived home from work.

Tonight I am sad.

I'm thinking of all the good memories of Aunt Jeanne and the time I spent a summer in Modesto CA back in 1988 (I think it was). My sweet love to Wendy and all her brothers and esp Ron Litke too.

May Aunt Jeanne finally rest in peace and comfort and enjoy the reunion of many loved ones. And may her loved ones that are still here remember her as the great woman we all love and adore and may they find peace and happiness too even with this great loss at this time.

I feel esp blessed for having known my Aunt Jeanne and for the fun times shared. My heart is full of much love and tenderness towards a loving family, I can call my own too.